Vacations and Other Goodies

It’s here, folks. The grand vacation of 2010 is upon us. Christmas in California.

It doesn’t get much better than this! Here’s a little Q&A to help you through this short time while we’re gone:
Why are you going to CA?
The real question here should be: Why aren’t we ALL going to CA?
Seriously, though: Shellina’s family lives in CA. So there’s one reason. Another reason: it’s butt-cold in Minnesota right now. It’s not in CA. Boom. We’re going on vacation.
How long will you be gone?
Our trip officially begins Sunday morning (the 19th), and we’ll be back sometime on January 4.
What about the store?
ShellinaScrap has been temporarily closed during our vacation. This is for several reasons:
Family is important. One of the many reasons I love working for myself is that I get to put those I love first when needed. It’s needed.
We might not have the most reliable internet service the whole time- so if we get an order when we’re, say, in San Diego without internet, it would be crappy. So we’re on hiatus.
Um, it’s Christmas.
Will you have a total blast and come back refreshed and with a whole new line of digital scrapbooking goodies for us to love and preserve our memories with?
Darn tootin’.
And with that, all the big questions have been answered. We shall see you when we return. (Expect another blog post at least once in the next couple of weeks- you know I can’t stay away). If you really, REALLY miss us, keep up with us in the following ways:
Register to get an email from Etsy when ShellinaScrap reopens (push the big blue “Yes, notify me by email” button.)
Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year- from all of us, (well, it’s just me here), at ShellinaScrap! 🙂


On Christmas and its Trappings

In case you hadn’t noticed- Christmas is upon us. If this statement throws you into a frenzy of gift wrap and cookie cutters and little holly berry sprinkles for sugar cookies, you’re not alone.

I’ve been thinking about Christmas for the past twelve weeks, and lately, I’ve been losing sleep over it: Did I send a Christmas card to everyone who needs one? What’s the address of that obscure family member who moved three times this year? How many photo calendars need to be purchased? And the worst one: What’s the name of the newborn baby from that family in our old neighborhood?
Now, before you start calling me Scrooge, let me say this: Christmas is my favorite time of year. Nothing compares to the magic in a child’s eyes as they run out to the Christmas tree that beautiful morning and dive headfirst into a hefty pile of gifts and return with big, sloppy hugs for Mommy and Daddy. It’s amazing. Not to mention, there’s no other time of year that encourages people to do more for another, to see each other, to smile. I think it’s a little bit like heaven in that way. Good will towards men, and all that. When this season begins to grate against what seems to be my very last nerve, I find peace in the simple things- the twinkling lights against a backdrop of snow, for example. And as I sit in my peaceful moment, I scheme up ways to make Christmas a little less stressful- and this year, I found it.
Christmas cards are a “thing” for me. I have to do them. Not only that, but I have to send them to everyone I know, have known, might know, should know, and want to know. I want them to be classy, beautiful, and a little on the fictional side. (I’ve been known to trim 10 pounds or so off of my face in the Christmas photo- misleading, I know.) I have visions of handmaking every single card we send out, followed immediately by premonitions of tears and hair pulling. So how does one achieve all the above goals without the drama?
Custom-made photo cards. It doesn’t get easier than this. And, luckily for us, they’re in style. So not only do we look great in our digitally altered Christmas photo, but our friends ooh and ahh over how “with it” we are. Score!
Custom Christmas cards, if you’re wondering, are on sale in my Etsy shop. (You knew this was coming back to a self-promo!) Check them out here, and sincerely, have yourself a merry little Christmas!
With all the warmth and love we can muster,

Moving Forward, Moving Upward

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog. I know what you were thinking: another blogger, biting the dust. And you were right! I totally lost my mojo. I’d still be drifting in obscurity if not for a new, exciting, and potentially wonderful opportunity. But more about that later. Let’s get caught up first.

Last time I blogged, I was employed full time at the bank,going to school to finish my bachelor’s degree, and designing digital scrapbook supplies in my spare time. Much has changed. Mike’s job with the computer company has expanded, I’ve made the transition to being a stay-at-home-mom, and both of us are nearing ever closer to finishing our degrees. In fact, my Business Management degree will be complete in March! How exciting, right? I know!
While I’ve been home, I’ve been investing myself fully into design of digital scrapbooking supplies. Let’s take a look at the items I’ve added since you saw me last:

Retro Country, my very first (and only, as of today) digital scrapbooking kit. It includes eighteen papers, ranging from plain textures to patterned ones. Also included are a complete alphabet set, stitching, swirls, and a couple of flowers. It’s cute, charming, and warm. You can get yours here:

The Lacy paper pack shown here
includes twenty-four papers. They are decorated with four different patterns of lace, and adorned with five different colors. They’re a busy set, but can work as an accent piece in a pinch. It’s on sale here:

And finally, here’s Aaron’s 18 month layout. This layout was designed by ShellinaScrap, and has been a charming addition to his scrapbook. It’s on sale as a custom scrapbook page here:
And now onto the big and exciting news: I have been accepted to be a part of the Creative Team with the Scraps of Color E:spire Publication! I’m going to be working as a Digi-Designer, creating digital templates, layouts, kits, and more. If you’d like to keep up with me there, (and get freebees of the stuff I make), please sign up to receive the magazine!
Also, keep checking back here on a regular basis for coordinating embellishments, papers, and more that’ll match your freebies from Scraps of Color!
As always, thank you for being here, and Happy Scrapping! 🙂