Featured Artist: Runner Girl Creations

Hello readers! This week we have the privelege of meeting an amazing traditional scrapbooker/card-maker, Runner Girl Creations. Not only do we get to meet her, but she’s been gracious enough to provide us with a tutorial as well! But first, a little bit of info:

Runner Girl Creations creator is passionate about her work. She has numerous physical fitness degrees, a diverse background in health and fitness, and named her business after her love for all things healthy. In December 2010, she received a card from a deployed friend in the Army. Inspired, she began making her own cards. She keeps busy doing it, too- as a full time artist and the sole employee at Runner Girl, she’s enjoying the ability to create and have the freedom to do whatever comes to her mind.

With so much dedication and love for her work, it’s no surprise that she has many tips and tricks to share with us! In the following images, she’ll show us how to make a card from beginning to end.

How fun- and creative!

And we’re NOT DONE! Runner Girl Creations has a giveaway for one lucky reader- simply comment on this post, and on Friday March 18, a random commenter will be chosen to receive this gorgeous card! Get commenting!

Thank you, Runner Girl Creations! 🙂

Like what you saw here? Runner Girl Creations can be found at the following links:


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