Project 365: 31

Aaron, my darling 3yo son, has been having some trouble with transitioning between activities during the day. His speech therapy team, (yes, we have a team: occupational therapist, speech therapist, special ed teacher), suggested that we make a “visual schedule” for him. So, I got out my cell phone and photographed our typical day (no small task, I assure you.) Once I had them all printed, I cut them out, and taped them to a 6 foot tall banner on our kitchen wall. We haven’t implemented it yet, but when we do, I’ll be sure to let you know how it’s working. This could be a really helpful tool for us- maybe it will help eliminate (or lessen) the crying jags and temper tantrums! That would be a true gift.

Project 365 Photo Idea: Take a picture of something indicative of your child’s stage in life. Are they potty training? Get a photo (but don’t share it online lol). Are they learning to read? Snap it. Are they beginning to like carrots? Boom, photo done. These will make for great memories AND help you keep track of when which kid did what.


Project 365 Layout: Week 4

Another week has gone by, and that means I dragged-and-dropped our photos into another easy layout. We are just loving being able to look back on our week and see all the things we did- so much fun! I can hardly wait for this year to be over so I can see them all together! (Wait, did I just say that? Strike it- time goes by too quickly as it is.)

Don’t forget- you can use this template for your photos for FREE! Click HERE to download.

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Project 365: 30


This is a cute photo, isn’t it? She just looks so happy. Nevermind that she was THE whiniest baby on the face of the planet today. The beauty of photography (especially in the digital age) is you don’t have to show all the bad photos- of which I got about a million while trying to get this shot. Nope, no one has to see the flub-ups. You can take all the photos you want, and just wait for that perfect one to come along. And then boom! There it is! The smile is that gone just as quickly as it came is preserved for. ev. er. Momma wins!

But you know, this isn’t our REAL photo for today. We’re keeping the REAL January 30th photo to ourselves. Why? Well, in short, it’s a potty training photo. It’s cute and everything, but it spares our darling son no dignity. We’ll print it in our Project 365 Scrapbook at the end of the year, so those of you who know us will be able to see it. All you other darling and appreciated, yet not close enough to warrant seeing my son in the most compromising of situations, blog readers get to settle for this one, which in all honesty isn’t settling at all.

Project 365 Photo Idea: Be creative with your angles- everyone has that adorable shot of their kiddo straight-on. But how many momma’s have a cute snapshot from directly above? Or peeking under the kitchen table into the play fort? Those are the ones that often come out the best- so play around with it!

Project 365: 29

Miss Abby, playing on the floor. Cute, right?

Project 365 Photo Idea: While your kids are playing, pull out the camera. Make sure you’re good and ready, and then call their name(s). When they look at you, quick snap the photo. Sometimes, this will get you the perfect angelic face photo we all hope to get of our kids. Sometimes, it’ll get you a blurry mess. But it’s worth a try. 😉

Project 365: 28

Abby and I at the St. Paul Winter Carnival Parade. Obviously, she didn’t make it through the whole thing, but we still had a good time. I will say, though, I might be thawing for the rest of the night. It was a brisk 26 degrees while we were out, but the wind was least forgiving. All four of us were ready to be out of the cold by the end of the [agonizingly long and boring] parade.

Interestingly enough, our little sleeping Abby was pretty much the most interesting attraction at the parade! Every woman who walked past us just had to stop and admire her beautiful eyes, her pudgy little cheeks, and of course, her little lamb’s outfit. Grandma Holley will be glad to know that she was, by far, the cutest little thing at the event. It was during these “aw, she’s so cute!” moments that I found myself grateful for the freezing temperatures- every single person who touched her was already wearing gloves! No more germs for us! 😉

Project 365 Photo Idea: Get yourself in the photo. So often, our 365 photos turn into a wonderful family memoir, but WE’RE nowhere to be found! So, hand over the camera, (direct as necessary), and get in on the action. (Hint: it helps to hold a cute kid.)

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Project 365: 26

For me: Tall Sugar-Free Vanilla Skinny Latte
For him: Tall House Blend with Sugar
For us: DATE NIGHT! 🙂

Project 365 Photo Idea: So you and the hubbs went on a date. You can: take a beautiful smiling pic of the two of you, which is always awesome, or you can get a little bit more artistic- take a photo of an element of the date. Play around with your depth of field.

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