Project 365: 25

I am so sick today. My head feels like it’s full of concrete, my sinuses are stuffed beyond capacity, and my body feels like it weighs 10 tons. It’s not a good day for Momma. On the other hand, my kids, (who lovingly passed this gem of a virus on to me), have recuperated from their weekend of sickness and are at the top of their games. They are both bouncing off the walls and itching for excitement- something I just can’t give today. However, Miss Abigail seemed up to the challenge, so I let her feed herself her bottle for the very first time today. She did great! Milestones milestones milestones.

Project 365 Photo Idea: If you’ve got a little one, it’s important to remember those milestones. What better way than to capture them on “film”? Have that camera ready for those unexpected leaps forward in development.

(click to enlarge)


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