Project 365: 28

Abby and I at the St. Paul Winter Carnival Parade. Obviously, she didn’t make it through the whole thing, but we still had a good time. I will say, though, I might be thawing for the rest of the night. It was a brisk 26 degrees while we were out, but the wind was least forgiving. All four of us were ready to be out of the cold by the end of the [agonizingly long and boring] parade.

Interestingly enough, our little sleeping Abby was pretty much the most interesting attraction at the parade! Every woman who walked past us just had to stop and admire her beautiful eyes, her pudgy little cheeks, and of course, her little lamb’s outfit. Grandma Holley will be glad to know that she was, by far, the cutest little thing at the event. It was during these “aw, she’s so cute!” moments that I found myself grateful for the freezing temperatures- every single person who touched her was already wearing gloves! No more germs for us! 😉

Project 365 Photo Idea: Get yourself in the photo. So often, our 365 photos turn into a wonderful family memoir, but WE’RE nowhere to be found! So, hand over the camera, (direct as necessary), and get in on the action. (Hint: it helps to hold a cute kid.)

(click photo to enlarge)


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