Project 365: 30


This is a cute photo, isn’t it? She just looks so happy. Nevermind that she was THE whiniest baby on the face of the planet today. The beauty of photography (especially in the digital age) is you don’t have to show all the bad photos- of which I got about a million while trying to get this shot. Nope, no one has to see the flub-ups. You can take all the photos you want, and just wait for that perfect one to come along. And then boom! There it is! The smile is that gone just as quickly as it came is preserved for. ev. er. Momma wins!

But you know, this isn’t our REAL photo for today. We’re keeping the REAL January 30th photo to ourselves. Why? Well, in short, it’s a potty training photo. It’s cute and everything, but it spares our darling son no dignity. We’ll print it in our Project 365 Scrapbook at the end of the year, so those of you who know us will be able to see it. All you other darling and appreciated, yet not close enough to warrant seeing my son in the most compromising of situations, blog readers get to settle for this one, which in all honesty isn’t settling at all.

Project 365 Photo Idea: Be creative with your angles- everyone has that adorable shot of their kiddo straight-on. But how many momma’s have a cute snapshot from directly above? Or peeking under the kitchen table into the play fort? Those are the ones that often come out the best- so play around with it!


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