project 365: 45


Happy Valentine’s Day from the Guthrie Kids! 🙂


Product 365: 44

I tell ya, when it rains it pours, and it’s been POURING around here when it comes to firsts for Miss Abby. Yesterday, her first tooth. Today, she propped herself up on her hands and knees and *almost* crawled. (Just in time to visit Grandma’s non-baby-proofed house, btw! HAHA!)

Project 365: 40

It’s been such a busy week. The hubbster has been sick, the kids have been cooped up, we’ve had meetings and appointments and all sorts of stuff. I keep forgetting about my photo of the day until right before bed! Luckily, I’ve got a little girl who just happens to make the cutest little faces late at night. Boom. Photo done. LOVE this girl.

Project 365: 38

My little one hates being fed with a spoon. She will go from bright and smiley to dreary and pleading in 10 nanoseconds when she sees the baby food come out of the pantry. She could not be more different than her brother, who adored eating anything. At least she’s keeping me on my toes, though, right?

Project 365: 34

Last night, Mike and I were sitting in Abby’s room, lights dimmed, feeding her the last bottle of the evening. It was so quiet; both kids had been sleeping for three hours already, and Abby ate her bottle quickly, half asleep. Mike gently rocked her back and forth in the rocking chair while I sat on the floor. He turned to me and whispered, “She’s not going to be tiny like this forever.” It was profound- those words echoed through my ears, into my brain and directly to my heart. He was right- she’s not going to be tiny like this forever. These are precious, fleeting moments we’re living in.

Thank God I’m taking pictures of these moments.

Project 365 Photo Idea: Our little ones are only little for so long- capture their tiny perfection whenever you can.