project 365: 45


Happy Valentine’s Day from the Guthrie Kids! 🙂


Product 365: 44

I tell ya, when it rains it pours, and it’s been POURING around here when it comes to firsts for Miss Abby. Yesterday, her first tooth. Today, she propped herself up on her hands and knees and *almost* crawled. (Just in time to visit Grandma’s non-baby-proofed house, btw! HAHA!)

Project 365: 43

It’s official: Abby has popped her first tooth, just days before her 6 month birthday. They grow up fast, I tell ya.


Project 365: 42

Every once in a while, you KNOW my food-blogger side comes out, and I just have to post a photo of something I made/ate/loved. This is all three- Leftover Revamp: Fried Rice.

Want the recipe? Check out my food blog, The Frugal Flambe.


Project 365: 41

I watched my son and husband rough-house this evening, and I think I learned something crucial to boy play:

The bad guy always wears the hat.

Does that sound right? Gee, I hope so. Otherwise, I’m totally lost. 😉


Project 365: 39

My little Aaron, 3 going on 13. We now have to knock to come into his room, then wait while he yells, “Okay, I’m comin’!” and rustles about noisily before he finally opens the door.

Amusing. 🙂


Project 365: 38

My little one hates being fed with a spoon. She will go from bright and smiley to dreary and pleading in 10 nanoseconds when she sees the baby food come out of the pantry. She could not be more different than her brother, who adored eating anything. At least she’s keeping me on my toes, though, right?