Why I’m Not Eating Chik-Fil-A Today

I’m not eating at Chick-Fil-A today.

Is it because I disagree with their stance on gay marriage? Not necessarily. I’d go into more detail, but this post isn’t about gay marriage, it’s about Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day.

Is it because I think they shouldn’t have the right to publicly share their opinions regarding gay marriage? Absolutely not. This is America, folks, thank you Jesus. We ALL get to have an opinion, and we like it that way.

I’m not eating at Chick-Fil-A today because I don’t think it’s what Jesus would do. When Jesus disagreed with someone’s views, he didn’t encourage large droves of people to express his disagreement by shoving it in their faces. He didn’t tell his followers to congregate in public and alienate the sinful.

On the contrary, Jesus hung out with the prostitutes. He forgave the murderers. He talked with, loved on and nurtured the wayward. He incited change in the hearts of those he met not because he exercised his right to free speech and proved he was right, but because he approached them with love and respect. He was different. He protected the guilty in the faces of their executioners. He DIED for those who sought to kill him.

He died for me. He loves me. ME. The despicable, guilty, hell deserving person than I am. Even with all of my gossip, the lies I’ve told, the people I’ve hurt and the commandments I’ve broken. He loves me.

And guess what? He loves the homosexual community, too. With fiery, deep, overwhelming and powerful love, he loves them. Jesus desires them as much as he desires us straight people. He calls us to love them, too.

So today, I won’t eat Chick-Fil-A. I will exercise my right to vote on this issue when the opportunity arises, and I encourage everyone else to do so as well.



On Monday, BowDacious Babes offered a giveaway so that one lucky commenter could get their hands on one of her bows FOR FREE!
Congratulations to Jessica! Check your email for BowDacious Babes’ contact info and send her your address to get YOUR FREE BOW!
Thank you to all who participated!
And, of course, a VERY special thank you to BowDacious Babes for being featured and for being so giving.

Featured Artist: BowDacious Babes Rockn’ Hair Accessories

I know, this is my scrapbooking blog. I know, I don’t really talk about anything except scrapbooking here- but I just had to make an exception today. I am so excited about this brand new store- and all of the possibilities for little ones and their hot mommas offered by it- that I couldn’t keep it to myself!

I got to sit down with Crystal, the owner/operator of BowDacious Babes recently- here’s our interview:

ShellinaScrap: Crystal- this new store is awesome! Tell us about how it came about.

Crystal:   In the beginning though all the inventive Ideas were flowing for months, BowDacious Babes Rockn’ Hair accessories was officially created in January 2011. I was always a fan of hair bows and head bands for me as well as for babies and toddlers..all ages really, but, I was never a fan of how big, identical, and ordinary and expensive they were. So as the months went by of sheeting all my business plans, stores like Joanns, micheals and whatever other stores were of my interest became my daily to do list, except, it was more like Idea list. So one day, as I was walking through the gates of paradise in other words, Joanns haha, I walked to the fabrics and it hit me!!Custom fabric head bands and bows!

ShellinaScrap: What made you choose to use Facebook as your selling platform as opposed to other crafty selling sites?

Crystal: I chose to open and sell my product using Facebook for now because I feel its a smart move as a new small business, not to mention it provided me with everything I needed to build my clientele as well as my store front, provided by ‘payvement’ (sponsored by paypal) so that all my customers can conveniently shop just by allowing the app. Starting this way enables me to do **FREE Shipping** and allows me to constantly be able to tend to all needs and/or requests.

ShellinaScrap: We love awesome customer perks. It looks like you’ve got a lot of sales going on- who’s helping you get all this work done?

Crystal:  Because I am so particular as others would call, a perfectionist, my husband is the only one who helps me on occasion(when hes not on duty for the military) and he is a great help.Other then that its just me, myself and I that makes and ships all orders, and I’m darn good at it!

ShellinaScrap: You’re such a confident business-owner. What do you love about owning your own business?

Crystal: I love owning my own business because instead of giving pieces of your hearts desire into someone else’s goals, you can put all your hearts desires into your own career and its path, it just depends on how high you want to make your mark.Taking the bull by the horns as I like to say, metaphorically of course!

ShellinaScrap: Okay, the question everyone is asking- How did you come up with that awesome name?

Crystal: The name BowDacious Babes was created  by me and my amazingly talented sister! For days we conversed about what the name should be and because my bows and bands are for all ages I didn’t want a name that was going to give the impression that it was only for their little angel and not for them. I want all my customers, whether they’re mommies or not, to enjoy my product for themselves as well, because nobodies too old to make their hair BowDacious!

After our interview, I asked Crystal if she would be interested in offering a giveaway- and you know what? She was more than happy to do one! BowDacious Babes will send one lucky ready two custom bows- one for momma and one for baby- FOR FREE! Comment on the post telling us which bow you love the most in Crystal’s collection, and a random commenter will be chosen on Friday March 25! (see example of custom bow below)


Like what you saw here? Contact BowDacious Bows at the following links- and share them with your friends!
Contact Email: BowDaciousBabes01(at)Gmail(dot)com

A very special thanks to Crystal from BowDacious Babes! 


On Monday, Runner Girl Creations offered a giveaway so that one lucky commenter could get their hands on one of her cards FOR FREE!

Congratulations to Patti from Easton Place Designs! Check your email for Runner Girl Creation’s contact info and send her your address to get YOUR FREE CARD!
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And, of course, a VERY special thank you to Runner Girl Creations for being featured and for being so giving.

Featured Artist: Runner Girl Creations

Hello readers! This week we have the privelege of meeting an amazing traditional scrapbooker/card-maker, Runner Girl Creations. Not only do we get to meet her, but she’s been gracious enough to provide us with a tutorial as well! But first, a little bit of info:

Runner Girl Creations creator is passionate about her work. She has numerous physical fitness degrees, a diverse background in health and fitness, and named her business after her love for all things healthy. In December 2010, she received a card from a deployed friend in the Army. Inspired, she began making her own cards. She keeps busy doing it, too- as a full time artist and the sole employee at Runner Girl, she’s enjoying the ability to create and have the freedom to do whatever comes to her mind.

With so much dedication and love for her work, it’s no surprise that she has many tips and tricks to share with us! In the following images, she’ll show us how to make a card from beginning to end.

How fun- and creative!

And we’re NOT DONE! Runner Girl Creations has a giveaway for one lucky reader- simply comment on this post, and on Friday March 18, a random commenter will be chosen to receive this gorgeous card! Get commenting!

Thank you, Runner Girl Creations! 🙂

Like what you saw here? Runner Girl Creations can be found at the following links:

Tutorial: Black and White Photo Conversion

Black and white photos can be breathtaking. Their ability to focus a picture, introduce new elements unnoticed in color, and simplify decent photos into masterpieces is widely known. However, changing a photo from color to black and white effectively is not so well known. Never fear- you’re about to learn how to easily (and beautifully) black and white your color.

Here’s a simple step-by-step plan to easily transform a color photo to black and white masterpiece using Photoshop CS.

Step 1: From the “Image” drop-down menu, select “Adjustments”, and then “Channel Mixer”. This is the most difficult part of the whole process. First, check the box in the bottom right corner that says “monochrome”. Next, slide the “red” slider to zero. You’ll notice your preview goes black. No worries- slide the “green” slider up to about 65%, and the “blue” up to about 60%. Move the sliders up and down until you reach the perfect black and white combo- you’re the judge on this one.

Step 2: From the “Image” drop-down menu, select “Adjustments”, and then “Brightness/Contrast”. Adjust the contrast to the desired level, in this case 30. You want true blacks, and true whites- play around with the slider til you find the perfect combo.

Step 3: Select the “Blur” tool from the tool panel. Make the brush size maneuverable for the photo, I used 231. Set “Mode” to “manual”. Set “Strength” to 100. Blur out anything that is not the primary focus. In this case, I blurred the background as much as possible, but especially the books in the bottom left corner. Eliminate any distractions.

And now you’re done! Your color photo is now a black and white photo- modern and eye-catching.

Have questions about other photo-processing techniques and would like to see more tutorials? Leave your suggestion in the comment area- we hope to see you again soon!

Also: Don’t forget about the huge CONTEST going on until Friday March 11- you could win a whole bunch of free digital scrapbooking stuff!

What came first? The blog or the blogger?

I can tell you right now, the design and the idea of blogging definitely came before any ideas of what I would actually write sauntered into my imagination. Now that it’s all designed, I’m kind of overwhelmed by the prospect of keeping it updated on a regular basis. However, that certainly won’t stop me from giving it the ole’ college try.

For my first blog entry, I’d like to discuss why I’m doing this in the first place. As far back as I can remember, I’ve looked at the things I’ve created and wondered, “Would anyone buy that?” It was a defining moment in all of my pieces, whether I intended for them to be mine or a gift. For whatever reason, the prospect of someone seeing something that I’ve created and finding it to be good enough to actually purchase has always excited me. I feel especially drawn to sell those things in which I am the most interested- I sold greeting cards, scarves, socks (a failed attempt at best), and now scrapbooking elements. I suppose it all comes down to this:

When I find something that I love, I can’t help but want to share it with the world.

This goes for everything; if I could sell the joy my son brings me on a daily basis, I so would. (Mind you, the kiddo himself is not for sale). If I could bottle a hug from my mom, or a phone call from one of my sisters, even a walk on the beach with my dad… if I could give these things to you, I would.

However, as we know, love cannot be bottled. Hugs cannot be mailed. But there is something we can all do to share our dearest memories with one another, and that is to scrapbook. Now I know what you’re thinking- “that was pretty dramatic just to bring this all back to scrapbooking, lady”… but hear me out. Our memories will live on forever whether we document them or not. We will (Lord willing) remember the most poignant moments of our lives until we die. Sharing those memories is an entirely different thing, though, isn’t it? We could journal about it, and hope someday our great-great-great-great-great grandchildren find the journal, read it, and then read it to their children. But, unless you’re a world-class author, the stories will probably not hold the same life as the memory itself. The luckeist of us will have families who keep that journal forever, remember our words and trusting in our descriptions and perceptions. But what if we could show them- not with a word-picture, but with a real picture— what if we could invite them into our world if only for a moment and really make them a part of the memory? I believe that with scrapbooking, you can.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I do what I do. I create background papers for your most fondest of memories, so that you too can share your fondest moments with those you care about most.

While you’re rummaging through my stash, keep in mind the memory that you wish to preserve. Imagine the placement of the photos on the page, the smells, sounds, and feelings of that day. Then choose the paper that most emulates those sensations.

Now, there is one more side to me that I must share- and you might not like it. While I am all frilly and soft when it comes to memories, I believe that telling your story is all about being yourself. That means that some pages, like memories, will have sharp edges- some ideas will be more satirical than serious. And that’s ok. Take the name of my shop, for example: Shellina Scrap. Notice that it is very nearly “Shellina’s Crap”. When I was growing up, my mom has a craft closet. It was poorly organized, and it was entirely hazardous to open the door without a fork lift. (Alright, that might be an exaggeration, but you know what I mean– the thing was a hot mess.) Every once in a while, Momma would recruit us girls to clean it out with her— sort through it all, and re-establish order. It was during these times, as we moaned and whined while cleaning, that the closet became “Mom’s Crap Closet”. It’s a crude name, I know. Certainly not appropriate by any means, but it was a loving and endearing term, meant to express our love and hate for that closet. On one hand, it opened up a world of creativity for us. On the other, it represented work, and we were lazy (it’s true).

I share this with you to remind you- memories are fragile things. Don’t create anything that doesn’t speak for a facet of you- that doesn’t help tell YOUR story.

This is your show. Choose the backdrop here, then see where your imagination takes you.

Happy Creating,