Project 365: 42

Every once in a while, you KNOW my food-blogger side comes out, and I just have to post a photo of something I made/ate/loved. This is all three- Leftover Revamp: Fried Rice.

Want the recipe? Check out my food blog, The Frugal Flambe.


Project 365: 33

This, my friends, is a momentous occasion. This is the day I discovered how easy it is to blanch and freeze vegetables, and stopped being a slave to the grocery store when it came to buying meat on a weekly basis. This is the day I decided that shopping at Costco could very well save me over $50 a month in meat alone when I bring it home and freeze it in manageable portions. ($50 might not seem like much, but when you’ve got a third of your income going to school debt, it makes a difference!) This is the day, oh faithful readers, (all 12 of you), that I felt like super-mom. All it took was a little forethought, (planned out the next 30 days of meals), budgeting, (made room for $190 of meat and veggie purchases), and a little bit of elbow grease (it took me about two hours to divide up the meat into one pound portions, rearrange my freezer, and blanch/repackage the veggies). It’s amazing what just a couple of hours can do, isn’t it?!

Project 365 Photo Idea: Take a picture of a “big deal”. Did you save $100 by couponing today? We want to see it! Did you run 18 minutes straight (not to brag but I so did it on Tuesday night!)? We want to know! Does it seem silly and insignificant? Who cares?! You’ve got 300+ other photos in the year to be serious and significant- celebrate your brilliance for this one day. 🙂