Project 365: 42

Every once in a while, you KNOW my food-blogger side comes out, and I just have to post a photo of something I made/ate/loved. This is all three- Leftover Revamp: Fried Rice.

Want the recipe? Check out my food blog, The Frugal Flambe.


Project 365: 38

My little one hates being fed with a spoon. She will go from bright and smiley to dreary and pleading in 10 nanoseconds when she sees the baby food come out of the pantry. She could not be more different than her brother, who adored eating anything. At least she’s keeping me on my toes, though, right?

Project 365: 33

This, my friends, is a momentous occasion. This is the day I discovered how easy it is to blanch and freeze vegetables, and stopped being a slave to the grocery store when it came to buying meat on a weekly basis. This is the day I decided that shopping at Costco could very well save me over $50 a month in meat alone when I bring it home and freeze it in manageable portions. ($50 might not seem like much, but when you’ve got a third of your income going to school debt, it makes a difference!) This is the day, oh faithful readers, (all 12 of you), that I felt like super-mom. All it took was a little forethought, (planned out the next 30 days of meals), budgeting, (made room for $190 of meat and veggie purchases), and a little bit of elbow grease (it took me about two hours to divide up the meat into one pound portions, rearrange my freezer, and blanch/repackage the veggies). It’s amazing what just a couple of hours can do, isn’t it?!

Project 365 Photo Idea: Take a picture of a “big deal”. Did you save $100 by couponing today? We want to see it! Did you run 18 minutes straight (not to brag but I so did it on Tuesday night!)? We want to know! Does it seem silly and insignificant? Who cares?! You’ve got 300+ other photos in the year to be serious and significant- celebrate your brilliance for this one day. 🙂